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Recognizing automobile salespeople turnover is a common and continuing problem in most dealerships, AutoHire911 has a passion to address this problem and assist dealerships in recruiting and training potential candidates that are a "fit" for sales, not "just put the blindfold on and hope for the best." It all starts with the selection process of the candidate, then the proper training and finally and most important, the support and engagement of those candidates by management.

As all dealerships internet business becomes a larger part of their overall sales business, it is important to recruit and train those candidates that embrace technology yet have the skills necessary to build value and "close the deal".

It is AutoHire911’s goal to prepare this new generation of salespeople.

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Ken Wilkins, Owner

38 Years of Auto Industry Experience


Ken has 23 years as a General Manager of Toyota, Nissan,Chevrolet, Cadillac, Dodge Chrysler Jeep and Ram as well as 6 years in the professional auto recruitment industry. He has a great blend of domestic and import General Manager experience, working for both private and publicly held dealer groups. Ken has also operated dealerships in both mid sized and large markets. Due to his vast experience managing domestic and import dealerships and their sales force, he has the knowledge and experience necessary to match up the right salesperson best suited for success with different franchises, both import and domestic.


"It's all about people."  How many times have we heard this? In Ken's career, he has recruited and trained hundreds of salespeople. Many of these have achieved their goals of upper management and some have even achieved partial or full ownership of their own dealerships. Ken's satisfaction comes from discovering talent, developing and contributing to their growth.


If you are passionate about and love what you do, then it becomes less of a job and leads to great satisfaction. Our business is still about excitement, enthusiasm and building value in the product, yourself and the dealership.

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